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Rewind process for a single event trauma.


Free telephone assessment using an IES form (Impact of Event Scale), which provides a score to see if Rewind is appropriate. 


Initial session for you to share how you are impacted now by the trauma. I will explain what happens in the brain when we experience a trauma, and provide tips to calm your body when triggered.


The second session is for the Rewind treatment, using the technique. 


The third session (usually two weeks later), the IES assessment is repeated to see if the score has reduced. If the score has reduced to, or below the threshold score for Rewind Trauma Therapy (you will notice how different you feel), treatment is complete. If the score has not reduced sufficiently, the Rewind treatment will be repeated and a further follow up appointment arranged.


Multiple event traumas (combat, domestic abuse etc) can be dealt with individually for each traumatic event over separate sessions, or may possibly be dealt with in one session depending on the situation.

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