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  • Are sessions online or in person?  Sessions are usually online but can be arranged in person.


  • How many sessions will I need?  This depends on the number of traumas, however a single event trauma usually requires no more than 4 and definitely less than 6 sessions.


  • How long are the sessions?  Online sessions are 60 minutes, in person sessions are 50 minutes due to room hire arrangements. 

  • What if I don't want to talk about my trauma? The treatment does not involve talking about the trauma.    


  • What if I can't remember everything? The treatment does not involve remembering everything, we work only with what continues to trouble you.


  • What if I don't think it will work? It doesn't matter if you feel the treatment will not work, sceptical clients have been treated successfully. 


  • Does it matter how long ago the trauma was?  No, it does not matter; so far 45 years is the longest time between the trauma and successful treatment.  (My client's response... "Miraculous!")

  • Does the Rewind technique work with fears/ phobias? Many phobias/fears are rooted in a traumatic or very unpleasant experience. If this is the case and the original experience itself is not ongoing, then it is very likely Rewind will work.

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