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rewind trauma therapy TESTIMONIALS


"Since Rewind treatment I have felt a new lease of life.  I very rarely think about any previous traumas and some I do not think about at all.  This has been a life changing experience and I have found that after decades of feeling the way I did, living in a very depressive state I am able to process situations and traumas, including my triggers without over reacting or letting it get to me. I am still on the road to recovery but in a much better place."

"I can talk about dad with ease without being emotional. Previously, not being able to speak about him took away the joy he brought to our family."

"It has made a huge difference. I would recommend anyone who has a trauma they can't shake off to try Rewind.  I never thought such a simple technique would work. Rewind is life-changing, rewarding and simply amazing - Thank you."

"I definitely recommend Rewind, it's crazy how I don't really think about what happened much anymore, and it doesn't linger when I do. Thank you so much."

"A life changing difference. Very happy."


"Rewind has freed me from the loop of distress I was living on, and helped me to remember that there was a life that had happiness before the trauma occurred, and I’m able to continue that path of happiness now that the trauma has happened. I’m no longer afraid of the unknown and feel extremely grateful to have had this unique experience with Remona.   I would love to thank you again for all that you've done for me, you are a true healer."

"I noticed a difference almost immediately. Improved mood, I'm no longer dwelling on it. I feel like a weight has been lifted."

"I no longer feel afraid or overwhelmed with sadness in relation to this trauma, I have made peace with the event and have even experienced a feeling of gratitude."

"Amazing! I feel able to let it go. I feel more peaceful, noticed I was breathing more deeply and haven't done that for years! It feels liberating. Amazing that it's so simple and I didn't have to run a marathon and go through a lot of pain to get to this place"

"After Rewind I feel good, I can speak about the trauma openly and freely without the fear of becoming emotional. It feels like a memory. It has made a huge difference. I would recommend anyone who has a trauma they can't shake off, to try Rewind. I never thought such a simple technique would work."


"After all three of my Rewind treatments (on three different traumas), I felt a sense of peace and relief."

"Since my Rewind treatment, I have felt that quite often when my memories and flashbacks begin, they are “nipped in the bud” and do not progress, as if there is an automatic switch in my brain."



"For the first time in 5 years I have been able to accept my attack, my emotions around it and accepting how it really affected me. I feel lighter, safer in my emotions and reactions, I had no idea just how weighed down I was. I had other traumas in my life but by having Rewind my brain has been able to process these other traumas in a better and healthier way.  In a way it all felt connected by a string of emotional pain.  Now those two traumas have been filed in the correct place, my brain isn't being held together by trauma alone"


“Wow! The day after I felt lighter. Free! I feel relieved and that I can just be free. I haven’t thought about it at all, it feels like it never happened; it feels nice.  It seems to have also treated the other two traumas I was going to treat.”




"Rewind was incredibly effective! This made an enormous difference almost straight away which I am immensely grateful for! Something I have already recommended to others!"


"I'm able to live with what happened knowing that I cannot change anything, now I can only move forward and focus on the positive things that I have going on in my life." 




"I feel lighter somehow, like I am back to being the person I want to be. I appreciate the process we went through so much"


“Wow! A day after Rewind I felt lighter and I haven’t thought about it at all, it feels like it never happened.  It has really benefited me and taken a massive weight off my shoulders."




" I would just like to say thank you for your help and for the Rewind Therapy. Even up till now I'm still noticing positive changes that have happened since the sessions. My relationship with my dad has improved so much and I can only thank you and the Rewind Therapy for that."


"Rewind therapy has helped me so so much. Thank you. I’ll be forever grateful.”


"It is a huge relief, I have accepted what happened.  I don't think about it often, something specific would need to trigger me to think about it, and when that happens I feel quite detached but in a healthy way."



“I was a little bit sceptical beforehand because I didn’t know if I would have any change, but I’m amazed still, I can’t believe it! It’s an amazing thing I still can’t get over”.


"It's actually crazy what a difference it has made!!! No idea how it worked I was so sceptical. Amazing!!  Thank you"


"I'm amazed, I genuinely noticed a difference so quickly. Literally the next day"


"Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this has changed for me. I can finally relax and not keep myself constantly busy.... that was pretty tiring!"


"Since the Rewind treatment I feel  much more at peace with what has happened.  I sleep a lot better and I feel happier within myself."


"The Rewind technique is still having a positive impact on my daily life and work. I am not triggered by the physical items or other triggers."




“When ‘Rewind’ was suggested for the emotional trauma I was dealing with over my Mother dying I was slightly nervous...I’m so thankful for  being taken through the process as it worked and I'm a happier person for it....” 

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